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Online magazine in Dutch and English about art and culture from Maghreb to Mashreq and beyond.
Nederlands- en Engelstalig online magazine over kunst en cultuur uit de Maghreb tot de Mashreq en verder.

Pictures from and Syrian Freedom Graffiti Week (Facebook)

Since the start of the Arab Spring, Arab street art has broken through with a bang. Before, graffiti used to be quite rare in Arab countries. New forms of street art developed in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and even in conservative Saudi Arabia. Murals, graffiti and the use of templates have become symbols of the revolution and add an iconic visual languageĀ resonating in public space to the uprisings. Young people use these critical, creative means of expression to vent their frustrations about and protest against political oppression and those in power.

The Arab street art revolution (written by Malikka Bouaissa, translated by Mark Eijkman)

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